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Diploma in Business Management

Many organisations today employs business graduates to manage their organisations. A diploma in business management prepares students for managerial role by providing knowledge on how an organisation function, the role of each departments and how these departments work together to achieve the organisation’s objective in a changing environment. A business management diploma is designed to […]

Diploma in Computer Science

Computer science is a study of computers that include both hardware and software to get computers to do what we want them to do. A Diploma in Computer Science is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of how software and hardware can be combined to achieve certain objectives. It usually covers basic knowledge of computer […]

Diploma in Information Technology

Information technology refers to the use of computers and software to manage information. In an organisation, the IT department’s role is responsible for the storing, transmitting and retrieving information. Their roles also include processing and protecting the information. The Diploma of Information Technology prepares you for entry-level positions in a variety of computer related fields. […]

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Electrical engineers design, develop and test electrical products that use electronics such as home devices such as washing machines and television, communications and navigation systems, telecommunication systems and biomedical electronics. There are many colleges and […]

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with concepts relating to machines. The work of a mechanical engineer involves research, designing, development and testing mechanical devices such as refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, machine tools, elevators and escalators, factory equipment, robots and complex machinery. Curriculum A diploma in will provide students with fundamental knowledge and core skills in working in […]

Diploma in Civil Engineering

The diploma in Civil Engineering is a study that deals with large physical structures such as buildings, bridges, power plants, airports and roads. Students learn how to perform engineering duties such as planning, designing and maintaining these structures. Curriculum The diploma in Civil Engineering exposes students to the basic subjects such as: Mathematics | Engineering […]

Diploma in Accounting

The diploma in Accounting is very popular among Malaysian students as well as International students. Due to high demand, the majority of colleges and universities in Malaysia offer this program full time or part time. The diploma aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform basic accounting duties such as preparing management […]