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English School

There are many language centres in Malaysia offering a variety of English language courses. These courses can be categorized into the following: Basic everyday English English for working professionals English courses for specific purpose such as a preparatory subject to gain entry into undergraduate programmes e.g. IELTS and TOEFL. English for academic purposes such as […]

Medical School

Medicine is the art and science of healing. Contemporary medicine applies health science, biomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medication, surgery, or some other form of therapy. One area to for evaluation of the Faculty of Medicine is the research facilities and infrastructures to support undergraduate, postgraduate […]

Business School

We define Business schools in broad terms to include faculties, college or departments within the university that teach predominantly business courses. Sometimes the term business school may refer only to institute of higher learning that offers post-graduate programs in business either Masters in Business Administration, Doctorate of Business Administration or Phd in Business. A business […]