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Listing of Universities and Colleges in Malaysia

Studying in Malaysia offers international students more than academic achievement and a globally recognized qualification, the Malaysian education experience will give students a wealth of academic knowledge and vocational skills that will be beneficial for a lifetime. (See why study in Malaysia)

Centre For Academic Excellence

Malaysia, with its reputation for academic excellence, is an international education hub attracting students from many different countries around the world as it offers a comprehensive list of programs: pre-university, diploma, degree and post-graduate courses as well as distance learning and online study. All these internationally recognized programs come with very affordable price, making Malaysia a top choice destination for international students. Currently the international student population is over 30,000 studying in the various campuses throughout the country. Many universities have intakes few times in an academic year with many international students arriving every semester.

Many Undergraduate, Masters and Phds Courses Available

You can find practically almost every course available in Malaysia. Popular courses among international students are business subjects, computer courses, nursing, engineering and tourism.  Study options available in many Malaysia’s business schools include accounting, commerce, business administration, marketing, management, business communication and finance. Bachelor degrees in social studies and psychology are offered in many Malaysian universities. English language classes are available for students who are weak in the language. If you already have a bachelor degree, you can also further your studies as there are many post graduate studies available including Masters of Business Administration MBA.

Types of Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are basically three types of institutions offering tertiary education. There are public universities, private universities and also university colleges granting bachelor or advanced degree. The Malaysian government ensures the quality of its institutions through accreditation with the National Accreditation Board. As a result, universities and university colleges in Malaysia have world class academic standards with qualified lecturers and professors who use innovative teaching methods in the classrooms. Ample research grants given by the government ensure that Malaysian universities maintain their academic excellence and high rankings. High staff to student ratio is another reason for studying in Malaysia.

Comprehensive list of Universities and Colleges.

Public universities in Malaysia are funded by the Government and are governed as self-managed institutions. (See list of public universities). The establishment of private universities and university colleges were made possible with the passage of the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996. Private universities include university colleges and Malaysian branches and campuses of foreign universities. (See list of private universities and university colleges).

Most universities are centered around Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Still many new universities are located in Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and other parts of Selangor, Penang Island and Sarawak in Borneo. (See list of universities based on location)

Twinning Programs with Foreign Partner University

These programs are very popular with both international and local students. Many private colleges offer twinning programs where the student does part of his degree course here in Malaysia  and the remaining part of the degree is completed in the campus of the partnering university in another country, involving credit transfer to the partnering university. The main attraction of these programs is its lower cost as part of the degree is done in Malaysia where tuition fees and living expenses are considerably lower.

Foreign University Branch Campus

Some foreign universities and colleges have set up branch campuses in Malaysia. Among them are : Monash University (Sunway, Selangor), University of Nottingham (Selangor), SAE Institute, Swinburne University of Technology (Kuching, Sarawak Campus), Curtin University of Technology (Miri, Sarawak Campus) and Raffles Design Institute (Kuala Lumpur). These campuses allow students to obtain a foreign degree in Malaysia with very affordable rates.

Malaysia also boasts of its ideal environment for study. Malaysia is a save and politically stable country and its multi racial environment with its large diverse international student population makes studying in Malaysia a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Student can develop independence, maturity and develop greater understanding of other cultures. Many institute of higher education in Malaysia have well-established support systems in place for international students such as health care, counseling and accommodation. Malaysian laws allow international students to work in order to earn extra income.

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