A Level

The Advanced Level General Certificate of Education or commonly known as the A-level is most well known in the UK, but there are many other countries worldwide especially Commonwealth countries including Malaysia that also use the A-level as a grading and course structure in academia. A levels are usually studied over a two year period and are widely recognised around the world.

Students interested to pursue a degree in a Malaysian university have to sit for the A-level or other pre-university course such as the STPM, South Australian Matriculation (SAM), and American Degree Programs (ADP). It is normal for a university to require a certain level of grade and subject of A-level to be accepted on to the further education course.

The minimum of subjects to be taken in the A-level is three and the maximum is four subjects. Subjects offered at different colleges vary from one another, so students are advised to check out a few colleges before enrolling. The entry requirement for A-level is SPM, O-level or its equivalent.

Some links to A-level programs offered by institute of higher learning in Malaysia: