In the effort to improve the standard of Malaysia’s education, the Ministry of Education has enacted the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007 and have set up the Malaysian Government Qualifications Agency (MQA) to enforce the Act. This agency is responsible for quality assurance of higher education for both the public and the private sectors.

Its main role is to implement the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) as a basis for quality assurance of higher education and as the reference point for the criteria and standards for national qualifications. The MQA is responsible for monitoring and overseeing the quality assurance practices and accreditation of national higher education. Accreditation is a formal recognition that the certificates, diplomas and degrees awarded by higher education institutions are in accordance with the set standards.

In determining whether a education provider has met the required standard, the MQA has set clearly defined, transparent and fair criteria and standards that serve as references for evaluations and reports of programmes offered by higher education providers. It has also developed a code of practice on criteria and standards for higher education in Malaysia.
This code of practice is benchmarked against international best practices.

Under this code, the MQA will assess the following areas:

(i) Vision, mission and learning outcomes;
(ii) Curriculum design and delivery;
(iii) Student selection and support services;
(iv) Assessment of students;
(v) Academic staff;
(vi) Educational resources;
(vii) Programme monitoring and review;
(viii) Leadership, governance and administration; and
(xi) Continual quality improvement.

The processes above are further supported by continuous monitoring to ensure the programmes offered by the institutions are always quality assured.

The public can now check online to find out about all MQA accredited courses offered in public and private universities. The information is contained in the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR). MQR would also serve as a guideline for credit transfers between accredited courses and institutions, as well as a tool to help local institutions obtain international recognition for their programmes. With the establishment of MQA, international students can rest assured that the standard of education in Malaysia is the best in the region.

More information on MQA can be found at their website: