Australian Degree

Australia is a very popular study destinations for international students throughout Asia. Its high quality programs and its reputation of their universities make the Australian degree programs high in demand.

International students will be happy to find out that there are many twinning programs whereby international students can do their first 2 years of the program here in Malaysia and complete the remaining year in the Partner University in Australia. The degrees conferred on the students graduating in Malaysia are exactly the same as those conferred on the partner Universities.

The benefits to International students are:

Graduating with a degree from a internationally recognized university

Improving the chances of getting employment from high paying companies anywhere in the world

Substantial cost savings as compared to taking the degree program fully In Australia

Under the twinning 2 + 1 program, international students have the benefits of having experienced living in two countries – Malaysia and Australia.

Below is a link containing links to some partner Austraian universities that offer programs in Malaysia: