Designers work in the realm of visual communication and presentation. They create works that combine functionality and visually appeal. A design career can involve interior design, graphic design, or fashion design. A career in art can include painting, sculpture, multi-media, and animation. Graphic design allows for work in diverse industries from magazines publication, advertisements and product packaging. Professionals in this field are able to render their own creativity, to create something real.

A design professional can be working in various industries such as 3D animation and multimedia, computer aided design, fashion and merchandising, film and television, graphic design, interior design, video game design, advertising, and web design.

Is a Career in Art and Design suitable for you? If you have the following qualities, you will be successful in this field:

• If you love to paint.
• If you’ve always felt that your imagination is your strongest asset
• If you are creative
• Talent goes a long way in this industry
• Visual appreciation
• Ability to work in teams
• Enjoy applying creativity to a practical canvas.
• willing to work to be one of the best
• Original ideas.

Bachelor degree in Art or Design
Although no formal education is needed in art in design, however education does lends to improving design techniques. In a world that is increasingly technology oriented, professionals in the field are increasingly using computer as part of their daily work. For fields such as graphic design, it’s almost mandatory to take some courses since there are some rather complex computer programs used by graphic designers. Furthermore, getting a formal education such as a bachelor degree can help you to become more marketable in the competitive field.

A bachelor degree in art and design generally lasts three or four years. Examples of Bachelor of design degrees are :
• Bachelor of Design: Interior design,
• Bachelor of Design: Fashion design,
• Bachelor of Design: Graphic design
• Bachelor of Design: Industrial design,
• Bachelor of Design: Game design,
• Bachelor of Design: Multimedia design,
• Bachelor of Design: Audiovisual Media
• Bachelor of Design: Textile Design

Some links to some art and design programs in Malaysia:

Links to Universities and Colleges in Malaysia Offering Degree Course in Art and Design

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