Accounting is the study of how businesses track their income and assets over time. An accountant is involved in the following activities:

• preparing financial statements
• recording business transactions
• formulating strategies for mergers and acquisitions
• using information systems to track financial performance,
• formulating tax strategy

Requirements for a Successful Accounting Career

• A person who aspire to excel as an accountant need to have:
• An aptitude for mathematics
• An abiliy to analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures
• An ability to clearly communicate findings and results
• Ethical and possess high standards of integrity

Bachelor of Accounting

The Bachelor of Accountancy is a specialized degree on its own. Due to the extremely specialized nature of the Bachelor of Accounting, it is a professional degree course that not many universities actually offer. In Malaysia, the bachelor of Accounting is usually a three-year undergraduate degree course.

Being involved in the accounts of the business, an accountant get to know the business inside out. Hence, it is no surprise that many successful corporate players began their careers in accounting jobs. Also, Chief Financial Officers of many large corporations have an academic degree in accounting.

Links to some institute of higher learning offering degree in Accounting:

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