Bachelor in Business

A business degree is much sought after by companies, government sector and non-profit organizations. Some common examples of employment opportunities with a business degree:

• In the human resource department : work in the area of recruitment, compensation or human resource management
• In marketing such as sales, product development, market research, promotion and advertisement.
• In general management such as management trainee where companies groom business graduates into future managers.
• In finance sector such as banking and insurance.

Is a major in business suitable for you?

If you have the following qualities, you should do well to major in Business:

• strong communicator
• Able to lead others
• Good at organizing
• Working well in a team
• Loves to solve challenging problems
• Good with numbers
• Possess computer skills

Bachelor in Business

Most universities and business school emphasize on producing well rounded students with broad based knowledge. Hence, most business degree required students to take up other non business related subjects such as social science subjects, language, mathematics, psychology etc. This is usually done in the first year. In the second and third year, Business students will focus on core business subjects such as marketing, finance, management and organizational behavior and operations management. Most business degree in Malaysia require student to specialize by choosing a major e.g. in finance, human resource, marketing, etc.

Links to some universities and colleges offering business degrees in Malaysia:

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