What Is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering apply the principles of mathematics, chemistry and physics with manufacturing, to solve a variety of problems in very diverse field such as manufacturing, agriculture, automobile industry, food industry etc. A chemical engineer’s work usually involved designing and maintaining various chemical processes.

A chemical engineering graduate may find himself or herself involved in the following areas:

• Thermodynamics
• Chemical process modeling
• Nanotechnology
• Chemical technology
• Biotechnology
• Materials science
• Heat and mass transfer
• Biochemical engineering
• Fluid dynamics
• Environmental engineering

Why study chemical engineering?

The demand for chemical engineers has grown considerably in the last decade with the increases in technology.

A chemical engineering degree will enhance your employability.

Manufacturing industries in particular need skilled chemical engineers to stay competitive and are willing to pay a lot of money to hire chemical engineers. It is then no surprise that chemical engineers are amongst the highest paid in the engineering field.

Chemical Engineering Degree

A chemical engineering degree provides the research, technical, and production skills needed to pursue a chemical engineering career. Chemical engineering degree courses in Malaysia are designed to ensure that their graduates are fully equipped for the employment. The engineering programs will impart crucial skills in designing, problem solving, analytical skills, communication skills and teamwork.

Links to institutions offering chemical engineering programs in Malaysia:

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