The work of a civil engineer is to provide workable, durable, and affordable solutions to society’s infrastructure needs. Everyday, a Civil Engineering degree would need to apply scientific principles when planning, designing, and constructing infrastructure like buildings, bridges, dams and transportation facilities.

With the general population growth, more civil engineers will be needed to design and construct transportation systems, water systems, and building more building and structures. Civil engineers are also needed to maintain these structures already in existence.

Civil engineering can be divided into sub fields. Specialization in Civil Engineering include :

1. Structural engineering
Structural Engineers analyze and design structure of buildings, bridges, etc
2. Geotechnical Engineering:
Geotechnical engineers are responsible for studying the soil ensure it can be used as a strong foundation for buildings and bridges.
3. Environmental engineering:
Environmental Engineering is the application of engineering principles minimize the adverse effects of human activities on the environment.
4. Transport Engineering
Transport engineers design and maintain transportation facilities like highways and roads, rail transport and transit system and also airfields and ports to ensure an efficient and safe transportation system.

Is a career in civil engineering for you?

If you have the following qualities, you might want to consider a career in civil engineering:
• Ability to think logically and analytical to identify and solve problems
• Decision making skills
• Creativity in solving complicated problems
• Communication Skills when working in teams
• Organizational and Management Skills for managing people in projects
• Good in mathematics

Civil Engineering Degree

Engineering degrees in Malaysia takes about 4-years. At the master’s level, most civil engineers will become more specialized.

Links to some universities and colleges in Malaysia offering bachelor degree in Civil Engineering:

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