What is Computer Studies?

Computer studies degree programs provide basic training in all aspects of computer education, from hardware design to computer programming. The focus of computer science is on understanding the properties of programs used to implement software such as games and web-browsers, and using that understanding to create new programs or improve existing ones. Students who graduate from a degree program in computer studies have a broad enough understanding of the computer world to work in a variety of environments and industries.

Is a Bachelor in Computer Science Suitable for You?

You will do well if you have the following

• Great interests in how computers work
• Love to design your own computer programs
• Interested in web site design
• Possess logical thinking and analytical ability
• Great communication skills
• Good at trouble shooting

Computer Science Degree

Most computer science degree is general in nature. They provide solid knowledge to students who are interested in computers but do not yet need to specialize in a specific aspect of the industry. It gives students a broad based knowledge of computer and Internet processes. Most degree programs in computer studies combine theoretical studies with hands-on application. A degree in Computer Science enable graduates to pursue a very rewarding career.

Links to some institutions offering undergraduate program in computer science:

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