Electrical engineering, sometimes referred to as electrical and electronic engineering, is the specialization within the field of engineering that works with electronics and electricity. It covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.

Recent graduates who have studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering have gone on to work in a wide range of fields. Many graduates with degree in electrical engineering are found working as:

• design engineer
• software engineer
• research engineer
• systems design engineer.
• medical imaging
• data transmission across the Internet.

Owing to technological advancement, there is a growing demand for electrical engineers.
So why become and electrical engineer?

Here are just a few reasons:
• Earn high income. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money for electrical engineers.
• Work an industry with growing demand.
• Have upward job mobility as your experience increases. Experienced electrical engineers are worth a lot of money.

In a typical Learn valuable skills with these courses and more:

  • Fundamentals of Electricity.
  • Electrical /Electronic Measurement and Instruments.
  • Electronic Instrumentation and Controls.
  • Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits.

Links to Malaysian Universities and Colleges offering Bachelor of Electrical Engineering:

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