What is Human Resource Management

Human Resource management is the effective use of a businesses most valuable resource, its employees. To maintain a competitive edge over the competition a human resource manager need to finds the employees who are the best fit for a given position and keeps employees performing at optimal levels. The scope of responsibility of a human resource manager includes:

• recruitment and staffing
• benefits management including payroll
• labor relations and contract negotiations
• employee retention
• training and development

Why get a HRM degree?

A bachelor’s degree in Human Resource management can open up various entry-level positions in medium and large organizations. Graduates with a human resource bachelor degree are found in the working in the following capacity:

• Training and Development Managers
• Labor Relations Managers
• Employee Benefits Mangers
• Organizational Behavior Managers
• Recruiters
• Benefits and compensation specialists

Various universities and Human Resource development schools offer Human resource degrees with different specializations to aspiring professionals.Human Resource Management degree encompasses study of various disciples including:

• Business administration
• Psychology
• Labor Laws
• Organizational Structure
• Economics
• Industrial Relations

Some universities offering human resource management program in Malaysia:

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