Many organisations today employs business graduates to manage their organisations. A diploma in business management prepares students for managerial role by providing knowledge on how an organisation function, the role of each departments and how these departments work together to achieve the organisation’s objective in a changing environment.

A business management diploma is designed to give students a broad coverage in all aspects of running an organisation. The program is designed to enable its’ graduates to function effectively in managing the organisation by increasing students’ thinking and problem solving skills, technical knowledge, communication and persuasive ability and leadership skills.


The diploma in business will provide you with a general understanding of business organisations and their structures and cultures; wider considerations such as environments, markets and processes; and how all these work together to contribute to organisational success.

You will learn how an organisation with all its different departments functions as a whole to achieve its goals and objectives. Students of the diploma will learn the following subjects:

Business English | Financial Accounting | Management Accounting | Finance | Economics | Management Information System | Business Law | Management | Human Resource Management | Marketing | Operations Management | Organisation Behaviour | Statistical Analysis | Marketing Research |
Consumer Behavior

Duration and Fees

In Malaysia, the business management Diploma usually takes 2.5 years to complete. The fees range from RM25,000 – RM35,000.


Upon completion of the diploma, you would have learned the fundamentals of managing a business and will be better equipped to become a manager. Your capabilities will make you highly demanded by organisations from different types of industries including non profit organisations and government bodies.

Business majors can hold many different positions in many different industries. It could lead to a career in finance, human resource, sales and marketing, public relations, and operations. A successful management career can be very lucrative as it can bring you all the way to the top of the organization chart.

Further Studies

The diploma in business not only offer good career prospect upon graduation, but also provides the foundation for a Bachelor Degree in Business. A good diploma program is equivalent to Year 1 of a Bachelor degree and will enable you to enter Year 2 immediately.

Is a Career in Business Management Suitable for You?

A career in management is suitable for you if you have qualities such as assertiveness, ambitious, posses leadership abilities and great people skills. As a supervisor or manager, you’ll need to think critically to solve problems and communicate effectively to persuade and motivate others.

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