Computer science is a study of computers that include both hardware and software to get computers to do what we want them to do. A Diploma in Computer Science is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of how software and hardware can be combined to achieve certain objectives. It usually covers basic knowledge of computer structure, computing techniques and programming practice.

The popular programming language used in the course are Java and C + +. In some programs, students may get to major in disciplines such as Games Programming, Software Engineering and Mobile Application Development.


A diploma program aim to provide students with a broad based knowledge and skills to enable them to perform effectively in the workplace. Many programs in this field covers subjects such as:

Databases | Fundamentals of Programming | Computer Systems | Algorithms & Data Structures | Operating Systems | Multimedia Technology | Internet Technology | Software Development and Design | Structured Programming | Software Applications | Web Development | Computer Network & Internet Security | Mobile Technology | Critical Thinking and Problem Solving | Database Organization and Design | Discrete Structures | Software Development Methodology and Data Structures | Statistics & Operational Research

Duration and Fees

In Malaysia, the Computer Science Diploma usually takes 2.5 years to complete. The fees range from RM25,000 – RM40,000.

Entry Requirement

Diploma programs in Computer Science in Malaysia usually have the following minimum requirement:
SPM – 3 credits including English and Mathematics
GCE O Level – 3 credits including English and Mathematics
The graduate of this program can seek employment in the area of software development, web programming, PC maintenance, computer programmer, computer support, applications developer, systems analyst, e-commerce developer and games developer.

Academic Progression

Graduates can pursue further studies with good advanced standing in relevant degree courses at Malaysian colleges and universities offering reputable degree programs from UK and Australia. The qualification allows entry onto the second year of a Bachelor’s degree,


Passion for the work is very important in this industry. With passion, you will have a desire for continual learning to keep abreast with the latest technology in this field. You also need to be highly flexible and willing to adapt to a fast changing work environment. Good communication is critical because you will be working in groups not only with other programmers but also with team members and professional from other academic background.

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Below are some links to Universities and Colleges in Malaysia that offers Diploma in Computer Science:

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