Information technology refers to the use of computers and software to manage information. In an organisation, the IT department’s role is responsible for the storing, transmitting and retrieving information. Their roles also include processing and protecting the information.

The Diploma of Information Technology prepares you for entry-level positions in a variety of computer related fields. Graduates can effectively execute a wide range of services such as software analysis and management, database administration and design, programming as well as web, multimedia and systems development.


The Diploma in Information Technology covers many subjects such as:

Applied Mathematics | Computer Fundamentals | Computer Networks | Software Engineering | Web Technology | Digital Electronics | Network Security | Mobile Computing | Communication Skills | Programming in ‘C’ | Basic Electronics | Web Page Design | Electrical Technology | Database Management System | Digital Techniques | Data Structure | Computer Architecture & Maintenance | Management Information Systems

Job Opportunities

On completion of the Diploma in Information Technology, graduates have plenty of work options in IT companies as they can perform many roles such as system design, multimedia programming, web development, software or system development, assembly, e-commerce specialist, manufacture, hardware design and maintenance.
Apart from IT companies, graduates are also employed in non-IT companies like universities, research, private and public industries, government departments, business organisations, commercial organisations and the manufacturing sector, etc. Communication skill and the ability to work in teams are very important.

Academic Progression

The Diploma in Information Technology offered by some Malaysian Colleges or University is equivalent to the first year Bachelor Degree in UK and it allows students to enter directly into the Year 2 of the degree course.

Duration and Fees

In Malaysia, the Information Technology Diploma usually takes 2.5 years to complete. The fees are in the range of RM25,000 – RM40,000.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirement for the Diploma in IT are:
SPM or GSC O-Level – 3 credits including English and Mathematics
UEC – 3Bs including Mathematics

Is it the right career for me?

If you are analytical, good at problem solving and have the ability to pay attention, a career related to Information Technology may be suitable for you. You must be prepared for lifelong learning as the industry changes very fast and you will need to pick up new knowledge to keep up with the latest development. Communication skills and the ability to work in teams are very important.

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Below are some links to Universities and Colleges in Malaysia that offers the Diploma in Information Technology:

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