The Computer Science Faculty or Department teaches computer related subjects related to all aspects of computer education, from hardware design to computer programming. The focus of computer science is on understanding the properties of programs used to implement software and using that understanding to create new programs or improve existing ones.

A typical computer science department may be divided into smaller departments such as:

• Artificial Intelligence Department
• Software Engineering and Research Department
• Computer Systems
• Robotics Department
• Language Technology Department
• Entertainment Technology Department
• Human-Computer Interaction Department

Programs and level of study differ depending on the faculty or institute. Faculties from established universities will offer Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. While other smaller and newer institute of higher learning may offer only foundational studies in computer science or Bachelor of Science degree.

For research based universities, most of the research have traditionally been focused on computer related topics. However, due to technological advancement and increase use of computers in various fields, more interdisciplinary work has been undertaken include chemistry, genetics, linguistics, physics, medicine and various areas of engineering, construction, and manufacturing. For example, research on how computers are able to discover patterns of behavior in computer games, commerce and medicine, or developing systems that can find the relationships between genes and organisms.

Below is some links to computer science faculties in Malaysia:

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