The faculty of science may consist many departments each focusing on a specific area of science. Some common department found in many science faculties are

Department of Biology

The Department offers undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programmes in the fields of aquatic and terrestrial biology, pollution, biomonitoring and microbial biology.

Department of Chemistry

This department is responsible for teaching and researching on the subject of Chemistry and its sub areas such as inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry.

Department of Mathematics

This department has interests in many areas of mathematical science, including Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Differential Equations, Graph Theory, Probability Theory, Survival Analysis, Spatial Time Series, Experimental Design and Robust Statistics.

Department of Physics

This Department conducts research into a range of research areas which may include optics, radiation, magnetic materials, materials science, microwaves, nano-materials, quantum science and technology, sensors and instrumentation, superconductors, theoretical physics, and ultrasonics.

The science faculty of many universities in Malaysia offer bachelor of science degree and post-graduate studies which include masters programs and Phds. When evaluating the programs offered by the faculty of science, you will need to assess the quality and experienced of the academic staff, the teaching and learning techniques, the facilities of the faculty and the research journals published by the faculty.

Some links to the faculties of science in Malaysia:

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