Other Foreign Degree

Malaysia has many colleges and universities offering an extensive selection of international degree programs. Besides universities from UK, US and Australia, Malaysia?college and universities also provide undergraduate and masters programs from other parts of the world namely, Canada, New Zealand and countries in Europe. Below are some links to these partner universities:

The benefits of the above programs

The universities in the list above have collaboration with local universities and colleges to offer the twinning 2 + 1 program or 3 + 0 programs. Under these programs, students can obtain an internationally recognized degree from a reputable partner university abroad at a fraction of the cost. Malaysia? living expenses is low (students can live comfortably with USD3,750 a year ).

Besides lower cost, international students benefit in many other ways:

  • Obtaining qualification that allows graduates to gain access to high paying jobs anywhere in the world.
  • Experience Malaysia? multicultural society, where Malaysians of different races and religions live in peace and tolerance with each other.
  • Student-friendly laws, which allow international students to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week, while studying full time in Malaysia (subject to immigration requirements).
  • Study in an economically sound and socially safe country.