As a state in the North-Eastern part of India, Manipur’s capital city is none other than Imphal. Manipur is bounded by Mizoram at its south, Nagaland at its North, Burma lying in the east and Assam sitting at the West.

Its population is roughly three million and the majority group in Manipur are the Meitei. As for the Kuki, Naga, and Pangals in the state, they speak diverse Sino-Tibetan languages.

Also, the state has actually been at the Asian economy and cultural exchange crossroad for roughly two thousand five hundred years.

Meanwhile, the state has also linked the subcontinent of India to China, Siberia, Polynesia, and some other places. This linking has allowed the migration of religion, culture, and people.

A list of Universities in Manipur would include;

  • Manipur University
  • National Institute of Technology, Manipur
  • Manipur Technical University
  • Central Agricultural University
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Manipur
  • Sangai International University
  • Manipur University of Culture

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