As a State located at the North-Eastern area of India, Sikkim shares borders with Tibet at the north as well as northeast, Nepal at its west, and Bhutan at its east. It is also situated close to the Siliguri corridor of India.

Known as the least populous state in India, it is also ranked as the second smallest among all other Indian states. Highly notable is Sikkim’s bio-diversity and its sub-tropical climates.

Sikkim hosts the third highest peak in the world which is none other than Kangchenjunga. It is also the highest peak in the whole of India.

The capital of Sikkim is Gangtok and roughly thirty-five percent of the state is covered by the popular kangchendzonga national park.

A list of Universities in Sikkim would include;

  • EIILM University
  • ICFAI University, Sikkim
  • National Institute of Technology, Sikkim
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Sikkim University
  • SRM University, Sikkim
  • Vinayaka Missions Sikkim University

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