MBA Specialization

The appropriate specialization gives the MBA graduates an edge in their career. Some common specialization includes marketing, finance, operations, IT and human resource. If you planned to take a specialized MBA, how do you choose the area of your study?

Some factors that affects student’s choice are:

  • Interest and passion
  • Student’s current  employment and role in the company
  • Market demand and job prospect
  • Advancement of students’ undergraduate degree


MBA specializing in Marketing is very popular as marketing is one of the basic function of any organization. Students specializing in marketing will be involved in learning how to analyze market demand, how to develop new product ideas, do branding, promotion and advertising, pricing and public relations. Graduates will likely find themselves in charge of product and market development for the organization.


Finance is another common specialization among MBA courses in Malaysia. The syllabus covers basic accounting knowledge, financial analysis, budgeting and investments. Finance specialization prepares you for a variety of career paths such as management of financial institutions such as banks, investments and securities brokerage as well as non-financial organizations. Work involved managing the finances of corporations as well as general management positions.


The scope of operations management usually relates to manufacturing sector. However, operations can also apply to services sector. Students of MBA specializing in operations study the planning and management of processes of core activities in the company. Much of which involves project planning and management, resource handling, quality management, supply chain management, etc. Students are trained in analytical and problem solving skills.

IT & Systems

The MBA programme with a specialisation in Information Technology provides graduate students with the advanced knowledge and skills to manage technology in helping company gain competitive advantage. Many graduates find employment in management consulting, the information systems departments managing a team of business analysts or systems analysts.

Human Resource

Human resource specialization involves studying how to better recruit, developed and motivate the organizations human resource for competitive advantage. Common subjects include recruitment, payroll, administration, appraisals and remuneration, training, labor union, etc. The job profile of MBA specializing in Human Resource usually involved active interaction with top management to developed the human resources in the company to help achieve its objectives and goals.