Ph.D. Programs in Malaysia

Doctor of Philosophy
A Doctor of Philosophy degree, abbreviated Ph.D., is the highest academic degree anyone can earn and is awarded by a university for original research in any discipline. It has become a requirement for a career as a university professor or researcher in most fields.

To earn a Ph.D., one must accomplish two things. First, one must master a specific subject completely. Second, one must extend the body of knowledge about that subject.
In some countries, coursework is required followed by an examination to prove students have gain sufficient mastery of the subject. Upon passing the examination, the candidate A candidate must submit a thesis or dissertation consisting of a suitable body of original academic research.

The main thing that distinguishes Ph.D. from other academic study is research. To complete a Ph.D., each candidate must present results from their research to the faculty in a lengthy, formal document called a dissertation (more popularly referred to as a thesis). The student must then submit their dissertation to the faculty and defend their work an oral examination.

In many countries a candidate must defend this work before a panel of expert examiners appointed by the university; in other countries, the dissertation is examined by a panel of expert examiners who stipulate whether the dissertation is in principle passable and the issues that need to be addressed before the dissertation can be passed.

Is a PhD program suitable for you?
Many of you are trying to decide whether to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself.
1. Do you want a research career?
2. Do you want an academic position?
3. Do you have what it takes?

What requirement must you have?
A PhD is harder than any academic course you have taken because a PhD student is not only required to master a given subject but also to advance the body of knowledge for the subject. A candidate work will be reviewed by experts in the subject which consists of some of the smartest people in the world. Therefore, before embarking on a PhD programs, you have to have the following qualities:

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Intense curiosity
  • Self-motivation & perseverance
  • Disciplined

Some Ph.D. courses in Malaysia: