Actress Felicity Huffman was in tears according to witnesses when she assured to the judge that she was “ashamed” of her actions. She pleaded guilty on Monday for pouring bribes to facilitate her daughter’s entry into a prestigious University.

Becoming a instant star after the success of her hit show “Desperate housewives”, Felicity Huffman could escape a lenghty prison term as the Prosecutor has only recommended four months, far from the maximum of twenty years foreseen by the Penal Code. However, the sentencing, that will be given by the judge on September 13, is not required to follow this recommendation.

Felicity Huffman has agreed to plead guilty of conspiracy to transfer funds for a fraudulent purpose. She admitted Monday to have paid 15,000 dollars to a company specializing in exam preparation to falsify the results of her daughter’s exam.

50 people are currently prosecuted in this large corruption case about the facilitation of entries into prestigious universities of children of wealthy clients. Ten of the suspects have already pleaded guilty, including five parents. Ten others are soon to do so formally. On the other hand, actress Lori Loughlin, from the series “Fullhouse”, seems to have chosen to try her luck in a trial. Charged with a second charge, for money laundering, she risks on paper up to forty years in prison.

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