UK Degree

UK universities programs are very popular with both local Malaysian students as well as international students. There programs are either offered as twinning i.e. program that allows students to complete the first part of their studies in Malaysia before transferring to the twinning partner university overseas to complete the remaining duration of their degree program. Another example of partnerships program are the 3+0 programs. These programs allow students to complete all 3 years of their degree studies in Malaysia. The degree is offered by the partner university.

Under this arrangement, international and local students can save substantially on fees and living expenses. Malaysia living expenses with its low currency exchange rates compared to that of UK makes Malaysia a popular destination for obtaining a UK degree with significantly lower cost.

To ensure that quality is not compromised, the course structure, subjects and syllabi are exactly the same as those offered to on-campus students at the partner university. The examination is set and marked by the partner university thus ensuring the same high standard of the partner university.

There twinning 2+1 and 3+0 programs are constantly under the scrutiny of the Malaysia? quality assurance agency, MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) as well as regularly audited by the partner University.

Below is a list of some Universities in United Kingdom that have formed partnership with local universities and colleges in providing degree courses on Malaysian soil: