Work and Study

If you are interested to Work and Study in Malaysia, you can sign up for the Hospitality Program with Internship. Under the program you will get working experience in the Hospitality Industry and earn monthly allowances. Upon completion of the program, you will awarded a Certificate in Hospitality and the opportunity for Job Placement (if you have shown commitment and dedication in your work).

Objective of the Program

  1. The main objective of the Programme is to provide students with employable skills via Skills Training and skills certification (Certificate in Hospitality).
  2. Skills Training will be managed by Internship Placement Company on behalf of the College.
  3. Students are not allowed to seek their own Internship Provider. Internship Placement Company will place all students
  4. The College will conduct assessment of students regularly. Site visits and meetings with students will be organized to follow up, monitor and track students’ progress. The Participating Internship Company must provide time for students to attend these sessions, so as to update their skills and training portfolios
  5. Skills Training involves training 12 hours a day (with one hour break) for 6 days a week (26 days in a month). Students are entitled to a fixed monthly allowance. Students will be asked to indicate in the Conditional Offer Declaration Form, if they choose reduced training, which is 3 hours less per a day, their monthly allowance will be reduced.
  6. At the end of the training, the student has an option for progression and to continue training to a higher level of certification or enter the workforce
  7. Students are given an opportunity to take up employment in Malaysia and possibly Singapore upon completion of their training (subject to their performance and assessment during the Skills Training, availability and permit approval)
  8. If the Participating Internship Company is happy with the student’s performance after Skills Training, the potential employer can make arrangement with Internship Placement Company to apply for a work permit (subject to approval). The student can then be offered full time employment with the Participating Internship Company

Insurance and Internship Card

Students will be covered by Medical Insurance for International Students. Insurance cover is limited to outpatient treatment and claims with an overall annual limit per student. Students must be informed that all policies will have constraints in terms of any pre-existing conditions before arrival, effective date of policy, etc. Students are advised to read the full provisions of the policy
Students will be given an Internship Card that will stipulate the Participating Internship Company


These take place on a regular basis either bi-monthly or monthly depending on the demand.

VISA Processing

Student visas will be processed by the College. Visa processing time is on average between 4/6 weeks
Documents needed for visa processing will be:

  • Programme Conditional Offer Letter with signed declaration
  • Programme Offer Letter for Immigration
  • 3 Photocopy sets of Passport (front to back including the blank pages)
  • 2 copies of Student Bio-data Form (JPK/IAC/SI) including the Medical Health Check Report and Financial support / guarantee letter
  • Completed Skills Malaysia INVITE International Student Application Form
  • 8 Passport size photographs
  • Certified true copies of academic or school certificate / transcript
  • Application Fee of minimum RM 500 payable to the Training Centre
  • Scanned copy of Bank Deposit of minimum of RM 8,500. This payment must be forwarded before the student arrives in Malaysia.

Hospitality Internship Form

Please fill in the form below and we will provide more information to you.